Eva French is the founder and CEO of talent agency IVORY PRODUCTION.

Her story as an American-German singer, songwriter and producer living in Barcelona, Spain:
Eva had the privilege of studying Opera singing with fantastic singing professors in some of the world’s renowned music colleges. Her path has crossed with a number of admiring musicians and bands, such as Peter Gabriel, Sting, David Bowie, Radiohead, Anna Ternheim, Luciano Pavarotti, Montserrat Caballé, Plácido Domingo, etc.
Eva creates independent, artistic, romantic pop and film music in Barcelona. Occasionally, she produces and arranges jingles or songs for all kinds of brands and commercials.
Evas creative attic studio is called IVORY and is located in the prehistoric and popular neighbourhood ‘el Borne’. Here Eva sings and plays the piano and E-Bass whilst inhaling the Mediterranean air, recording finalised art pieces. Her music publishing agency is ROBA, in Hamburg, Germany.
Devoted to all kinds of music genres, Eva’s mood is soothed, and once it’s calmed,
she jumps back into memories of being an Opera singer, digging out soprano parts of Mozart, Bach and Handel.

Eva’s Spotify.


” I get inspired by human behaviour, by lust, feel and ambience, by rainfall, by hideousness and beauty, by art. Craving, yearning, desiring. And when I sing I release a sound that is yet fragile. Pure. Vulnerable. Present. Sometimes melancholic. An essence of my life that I am living a few times each day.”